8 Sanity-Saving Tips for Indoor Water Parks

Water slides, splashing, swimming, and pool basketball…what more could a kid want? Indoor waterparks are always a hit.

These tips will take your indoor waterpark visit to the next level.

indoor waterpark waterslide


There’s nothing like being in a waterpark all day to make you need to drink more water. If it is allowed, bring several water bottles in with you. Otherwise, purchase these early in the day before you’re completely parched because concession lines can get long.

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Depending upon the size of the indoor waterpark area, they can get crowded during peak times which means long lines. Visiting at less popular times, such as first thing in the morning when the waterpark just opens or staying late while everyone else is having dinner can lessen the crowd level. To avoid long slide lines, head to any must visit waterslides during these off-peak times.

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Save Money

Like most trip destinations, indoor waterparks have tons of extras that can quickly add up. Food is priced higher inside than it would be at a restaurant elsewhere. There may be spas, arcades, mini golf, virtual reality systems, and interactive wand games. Plan ahead of time how much money you would like to spend on these extras and manage expectations accordingly. Know that you must generally walk through these arcades to get to the waterpark—well played arcade sales team, well played.

Bonus Times on Day of Arrival/Departure

Most indoor waterparks allow you to enter the park after a certain time on your day of arrival even if your room is not ready. If you’ll be arriving right at the start of this window (usually in the early afternoon), make sure your swimsuits are easily accessible as your room may not be ready.

Likewise, you can often visit the waterpark until the same time on your day of departure. Plan to take a tote or backpack because you may need to change in the changing facilities if you have already checked out of your room.

These “bonus times” can really provide a great value. If we visit the smaller indoor waterpark in our area, we typically only stay 1 night as we get plenty of time on our day of arrival and can stay well into the afternoon the next day. Larger indoor waterparks will require 2-3 nights to fully experience them.

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Hand Sanitizer & Sunscreen

It’s easy to forget that you’re surrounded by germs when you feel as if you’ve just been in a shower. Remember to pack hand sanitizer in your on-site bag for use throughout the day. Similarly, if the outdoor area is open (summertime), remember to throw in sunscreen for the outside portion of the day.


Indoor waterparks exhaust me (and my children) like nothing else. Being beaten by waves in the wave pool and flung around inside of a rough waterslide can be tough. I once returned from taking the kids to an indoor waterpark for the weekend solo convinced I had caught the flu only to realize the following day that I was just that sore from the waterslides.

indoor waterpark


These places can be giant! I like to request a room that is close to the lobby or waterpark because that walk to and from can feel MILES away.

Pack Waterproof Shoes

The kids & I are fans of wearing crocs around the waterpark, but any fast-dry or rubbery type shoes work well!

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